Traditional Film

Huper Optik, with the help of their Core Dealers, such as Kevin Lee of Lee’s Solar Technology, set out to re-vamp the 1960 Traditional metal film technology and create not only a film with high solar heat rejection and is a fusion of green technology and energy saving performance with an unparalleled interior aesthetic that no longer has to be Silver, Grey, Blue or Bronze.

Fusion Films represent the best product line within the Traditional Film category.
Fusion Films offer a sustainable solution to replacing glass, and can help lower your carbon footprint.

    Has lower interior reflectivity than the old traditional lines mostly sold on market.
    Reduce loads by rejecting up to 77% of the solar energy.
    Prolongs the life of interiors by reducing fading.
    Offers Privacy and Security
    Green solution for Existing Building and Existing Homes.
    Offered in four Visible Light Transmissions, Fusion 10, 20, 30 and 40.

Fusion 10 St Thomas Mid-town

Fusion 10 St Thomas Mid-Town

Reflective film options can help make work environments more comfortable, enhance building’s appearance, increase optical clarity, and increase HVAC efficiency.

All professionally installed Huper Optik Traditional films are dual-pane safe and warranted against Bubbling, Peeling, Rippling, Delamination and Adhesive Failure for 15 years in Commercial applications and Lifetime in Residential applications.

Lee’s Solar Technology provides a full range of investment reporting for most commercial installations: everything from energy savings projections, to glass remodeling.

The Huper Optik family of products does include Traditional Silver and Bronze films.

Fusion 10

Fusion 10